Message from the Kilbride's

Welcome to those attending the 22nd Annual and FINAL Kilbride Family Classic

The Kilbride Family Classic has been engaged in spreading our LOVE across our community for the past 22 years. We have worked to promote acceptance, understanding and tolerance. We have laughed together, cried together and sweat together, to help those in our community accept the beauty and uniqueness that is Autism. We have collectively raised thousands of dollars to promote research and enhancements for families impacted by Autism in our community. We have effectively altered the course of the families in our community affected by Autism and we have done so because of the contributions of people like you.

The Kilbride Family Classic is an act of love for our community family. Family is a fabric of individual threads woven together in a beautiful and unique tapestry. Our family tapestry, and that of the millions of American families affected by Autism each year, is made beautiful because of this unique thread.

Please join us, again this year, as we celebrate the contribution Autism brings to our community tapestry.

On behalf of the Kilbride family, the 3 million Americans and 70 million people world-wide with autism, we express sincere appreciation for your continued support.

Kankakee’s Historic Riverview District (Cobb Park)

Sunday, June 18, 2017 Father’s Day 8:00am Start